Trial Lawyer Debra Bogaards Interview for Upcoming Documentary on San Bruno pipeline expolsion

Trial lawyer Debra Bogaards of Bogaards Davis LLP was recently interviewed about the San Bruno pipeline explosion for an upcoming documentary by Kimberly Archie. Debra discussed her representation with attorney John Feder of parents Rene and Israel Morales following the loss of their beautiful daughter, Jessica. The subjects of Ms. Archie's documentary include Jackie Spear, Rene Morales, Kathy Ruigomez, Joe Ruigomez, SF Chronicle journalists, and others involved with reporting the explosion and the ensuing PUC hearings and litigation. Ms. Archie will explore with Ms. Bogaards how the tragedy has affected the Morales family, even after their settlement at mediation.



Jessica, 20, was watching the NFL game on television with her boyfriend, Joe Ruigomez, at his parents’ house, which was the site of the first explosion. After the explosion at Ruigomez home, Joe ran out one direction and Jessica ran out in another direction.  Jessica ran to seek shelter in a shed at a neighbor’s home, which turned out to be the site of the second explosion, killing her instantly. 

Jessica’s parents ran to every hospital hoping she was alive, and only later learned that she didn’t make it.  Jessica was like a second mom to her then 5 year old little brother Isiah and her little sister Rebecca. She also looked up to her older brother, Israel Jr. She had dreams of becoming a fashion designer that will never be realized because of the explosion. 


The PG&E pipeline explosion was the largest in the nation.  Debra Bogaards, along with her co-counsel John Feder, helped get justice for the Morales family. They filmed the family, friends, and teachers to present a well rounded view of Jessica’s life.  Their case proceeded to private mediation, resulting in a settlement for the family.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the devastating PG&E explosion.